Art Direction


"Dragzilla" is what I call this campaign for two reasons: 1) It was my first experiential advertising campaign 2) It literally involved a 13ft (that is how high they would let us go) Drag queen with a dress designed to hold over 1,100 selfies per parade.

The 4 key components to The #Expressyourselfie campaign were : 1) Pride Float 2) Festival and Photo Booth 3) Digital/Mobile/Custom Editorial 4) Social

1) The Float : During each parade, American Express brand ambassadors will fan out around the float with instant cameras to take hard copy "selfies" of spectators along the parade route. The "selfies" will be affixed to the fabric of the Drag Queen's dress, so that by the end of the parade it will be completely covered with photographs of Pride participants. Photos of the dress will then be posted on

2) Festival Booth : The #ExpressYourselfie Pride festival activities take place in Chicago, Provincetown, Austin, Palm Springs and during Salt Lake Elevation 2015. American Express and OUT will invite festival attendees to enjoy a photo opportunity where consumers can create their own #ExpressYourselfie OUT magazine cover.

3) Digital/Mobile/Custom Editorial : For each city featured in the #ExpressYourselfie campaign, OUT Traveler will update its destination guides with custom editorial profiling American Express Shop Small merchants, including restaurants, nightlife and attractions in select cities. The guides will feature an easy-to-use interactive map for mobile. Printed palm cards and passports will be handed out during each parade driving consumers to the site.

4) Social : Each component of the campaign invites everyone to share, tag, and #Expressyourselfie. allows for people nationwide to follow the tour as each activation takes place.

Beyond The Row

Beyond the Row was a high-end fashion and lifestyle blog that differentiated itself through conceptual design, advertising, and storytelling. I was brought on board to help establish an identity and aesthetic for the brand. The work displayed about was how the site looked when I worked there ( before it was redesigned and renamed to )

Refinery 29 + Nike

Refinery29 and I worked together on a new business pitch to Nike. The task at hand revolved around creating a custom e-commerce page that integrated their editorial work, social, fanbase, and featured product.

Fan Club Issues

The zine is narrated from the eyes of an obsessive fan who gathers information from tabloids and social media. The art direction is inspired by children's books such as Not A Box, Green Eggs and Ham, and The Funny Little Woman. The first issue contains the following: Amanda Bynes, Macaulay Culkin, and Miley Cyrus.

Rolling Stone: Your Year In Music Application

The idea of the campaign is to create a musical event and application for Rolling Stone that will allow subscribers to connect both personally and virtually before the event. Over the last twelve years Rolling Stone has been critizied within their music section. My goal was to create a campaign that will increase both subscriptions and renewals, as well as foster a new and younger community around the magazine. What the application would do: The application will scan the user's library and create an interactive timeline of music based on what the user has been listening to over the past year.When a user logs through their Rolling Stone membership ID, they can automatically renew their subscription to magazine. Once they have renewed or subscribed they will automatically be able given both access to attend and vote for the performer they want to see play at the "Your Year In Music" event. If a user can not attend the event they will be given live streaming access to the event and its performance.

Operation Smile Campaign

This project was done as a complete rebrand for the nonprofit Operation Smile. The concept of this campaign and rebrand entirely revolve around the tagline "Because There Aren't Enough Smiles". I pushed this campaign in various ways to reach different target audiences, but ultimately I wanted to change the mindset from "I feel bad, I need to donate" to "I feel bad, I want to help". Their current advertising was very upfront about showing people suffering from cleft lip and palate, which is the main thing I wanted to change in this new brand platform. The rebrand involved a print campaign, mobile application, responsive website redesign, T.V. commercial, a stop motion piece (to share via web), and a social media campaign involving Instagram. Everything produced is completely original and was designed, written, and edited/directed by me.

  • Adobe Achievement Awards – Semi-finalist "Browser Based Design"
  • Winner of the 2012 Academy of Art Spring Show – Campaign and Branding
  • 2nd Place at 2012 Academy of Art Spring Show – Concept Design Process

Black Dynamite T.V. Show

I worked with Director Brian Ash and the Ars Nova Team to generate social media buzz around their animated show "Black Dynamite". Every Sunday I would put together imagery that related to the upcoming show, which then would be shown on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. The designs shown are some of my favorite pieces I created, that were leveraged on social media to advertiste the upcoming show.

Web + Interactive


Astralwerks is a record label that releases primarily electronic music. The label has been around for 20 years and in 2014 are looking for a digital refresh. They pride themselves on finding and signing new talent across the U.S. and Europe. Notable artists that have signed with Astralwerks are Porter Robinson, Swedish House Mafia, The Chemical Brothers, and Deadmau5.


When summer ends, pride doesn't have to. is a social platform within that allows for LGBT and straight allies worldwide to celebrate pride all year long. LGBT friendly companies such as Marriott, Midori, and American Express partnered with HereMedia and OUT to show their support to the LGBT Community. The dedicated hashtag (i.e. Marriott #lovetravels ) allows for users to tag their photo and be featured on the website. User generated content and articles containing #pride populate the site allowing for a seamless integration of both editorial and social content.

Armani Exchange Web Design

A seasonal re-design created for the Armani Exchange website promoting their 2012 Fall collection and holiday sales.

T.D. Ameritrade : Welcome To Human Finance

"Welcome to Human Finance" was a campaign we launched in September, targeting BABs, RIA's, and Independent brokers. The campaign consisted of three separate responsive microsites, rich media/flash banners, social media take overs, and print ads. I helped establish the design aesthetic, direction, and animation for the digital side of this campaign.

Creative Director : Frank Lockwood

Video + Motion

So Make Something

I was affected by budget cuts my sophmore year in college. Education plays a very important part in my life, and when my university was going to cut part of the Art Department I had no choice, but to transfer to an art school. I created and hand drew this stop motion piece about the importance of creativity, and the value of art alone.

Stream Of Consciouness

I draw alot. Anyone who really knows me knows that I doodle weird things, usually people with large eyes looking in opposite directions. The narrative of my doodles are always in the form of stream of consciousness. This video gives an insight into the way I think when I approach my book.

Save Your Breath

The concept of this experimental video is driven by the expression "save your breath". I am facinated by the language of abstraction through sound, and wanted to combine the elements of visual storytelling with enhanced sound.

About + Contact

Human interaction, reaction, and emotion inspire me the most as an artist and designer. Prior to emphasizing in Web Design + New Media, at the Academy of Art University; I studied Fine Art -Painting at the University of Nevada, Reno. Everything that I do revolves around concept. Being beautiful is like sprinting, creating something beautiful is timeless.
Awards + Publications
  • * 2014 Self Salon- "Volume" (NY)
  • * 2014 Greenpoint Gallery – Featured Artist (NY)
  • * 2013 Pancakes + Booze Art Show 111 Minna Gallery – Featured Artist (SF)
  • * 2013 Greenpoint Gallery – Featured Artist (NY)
  • * 2012-13 Adobe Achievement Awards – Browser Based Design (Nationwide)
  • * Winner of 2012 Academy of Art Spring Show (SF)
  • * 2012 Misc Magazine Featured Artist (Nationwide)
  • * 2012 Exit Strata Featured Artist (NY)
  • * Freelance Designer T.V. Show "Black Dynamite" (NY)
  • * 2012 Pancakes + Booze Art Show – Featured Artist (SF)
  • * Winner of the 2011 S.T.A.N.D. Design Competition (Nationwide)
  • * 2009-2011 Academy of Art Annual Spring Show Semi-Finalist (SF)
  • * 2009-2012 Academy of Art- Scholarship Recipient (SF)
  • * 2009 Academy of Art - Summer Portfolio grant (SF)